UNESCO cooperates with three regional programs to address violence against women journalists from Central Asia

8 December 2022

8 December 2022, UNESCO Almaty presented global trends safety of women journalists in a joint event of three programs to counter violence against women in Central Asian countries during a 16-day action.

The purpose of the meeting is to support women's rights activists and strengthen interaction with stakeholder groups to develop a culture of rejection of all forms of discrimination and violence.

UNESCO in Almaty shared global trends in online violence against women journalists and present new tools for policy and response.

About the three programs

The SpotLight Initiative is a global United Nations initiative supported by the European Union. The Initiative brings together global efforts to invest in gender equality and empower women and girls. The Ray of Light Regional Program for Central Asia and Afghanistan promotes legal reforms, strengthens institutions and women's movements, advances gender equality norms, and improves data collection and statistics on violence against women and girls. The regional program works with a wide range of actors, including government agencies, civil society, academic and research organizations, institutions of higher education, and the media.

ACTED is an international non-governmental organization with 500 projects a year to support more than 20 million beneficiaries worldwide, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Throughout Central Asia, ACTED focuses on collaborative, inclusive and multi-sectoral community development efforts. ACTED implements a wide range of programs in three Central Asian countries to develop the capacity of civil society organizations, local governments, and the private sector to build strong and resilient communities. The primary goal of the regional CS-GBV Central Asia project is to strengthen civil society's role in addressing gender-based violence in society and to promote the protection and empowerment of women at risk of or survivors of violence. The ACTED regional project "CS-GBV Central Asia" is funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

WAGE, a regional program of the Women and Girls Empowered (WAGE) Consortium, is a comprehensive regional program designed to build and support alliances of women's organizations at the country and regional levels to empower Central Asian women to engage in economic activity. The program facilitates collaboration between women's business associations, women's civil society organizations, and other key private sector and civil society stakeholders to develop and promote Women's Entrepreneurship Agendas in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

UNESCO Almaty participated in the 16 day activism: Protect of Women Journalists, (Magnus Magnusson, O.I.C. Director of UNESCO Almaty on the 2'08")
Safety of Journalists; Freedom of Expression; Journalism Education

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