Global dialogue: online gendered disinformation

13 January 2023

On 25 January 2023 on the occasion of the International Day of Women in Multilateralism, UNESCO is generating a global dialogue to advance effective responses to online gendered disinformation.

The 2023 edition of UNESCOs International Day of Women in Multilateralism will examine the pressing global issue of social media content governance to counter gendered disinformation through a global dialogue.

The results will be compiled as a set of recommendations to provide safe on-line spaces, free of gender-stereotypes, disinformation and hate speech to meaningfully contribute to the UNESCO Conference on regulating digital platforms (February 2023).

Date/time: 25 January 2023, 10:00-18:00

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
Language(s): French, Spanish, English

Panel 1. Multilateral action for tackling online gendered disinformation highlighting the main issues and challenges that require the development of a gender-responsive model regulatory framework for digital platforms

Panel 2. Way forward for a model regulatory framework for the digital platforms addressing key issues of transparency, content governance and moderation, context-related responses, safety and reporting tools to ensure that online spaces are safe for all women and free from gendered disinformation and gender bias while protecting freedom of expression.

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