“First Videoconference of UNESCO Clubs was held in Almaty”

23 January 2017

In the framework of the International Decade for the Rapprochement of cultures (2013-2022) on January 19, 2016 was held the International videoconference on the topic “The role of UNESCO Clubs in promotion of intercultural dialogue and preservation of cultural heritage. The Republic of Kazakhstan – The Russian Federation”. About 200 representatives of the UNESCO Clubs in Russia and Kazakhstan and the partner organizations such as UNESCO Almaty Office, Sverdlov State Children Philharmonic (SSCP) and Humanitarian University of Yekaterinburg took part in this event.

During the conference were delivered very interesting presentations on the topics “Youth – the main driver of intercultural dialogue”, “Encouraging interest to folk music and folk performance through preservation of traditions”, “Kazakh jewelry art” and others. Each presentations was accompanied with the creative performance. Thus, the participants of the conference had a chance to see Russian folk vocal art from the Chapel of boys of SSCP, Dombyra playing (Kazakh traditional instrument) and unique national art “Orteke” from the pupils of “Kokil” school – UNESCO Club, vocal solo accompanied with accordion from the Quartet of folk instruments of SSCP, dance performance “Uki oinatu” from the students of the Almaty Choreographic school named after A.Seleznev – UNESCO Club. Therefore, interesting manifestation of young talents allowed to carry arts exchange and strengthen cultural bounds of two counties.

It is very symbolic that the 2017, the year of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO Clubs movement, began with this event, and the distance of 2300 km between Yekaterinburg and Almaty was easily overcame owing to the modern communication technologies.

Organizers strongly believe that the realization of such projects plays an important role on promotion the tolerance and intercultural dialogue among youth.

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